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WWE Main Event from February 2014


Main Event is seen as a ‘C’ show as such and is used in the main capacity to do two things : 1) showcase talent that aren’t getting TV time on the WWE’s two premium shows, Smackdown and Raw, and 2) review the highlights of both those two shows for those that might not have seen them. For the purposes of this review I won’t be going in to any major detail on the Raw/Smackdown highlights but instead will concentrate on the handful of matches on each show.

5th February 2014

WWE Network Description : The Main Event features IC Champion Big E Langston taking on Curtis Axel, Alberto Del Rio facing Zack Ryder and The Miz going head to head with Fandango.

Fandango vs The Miz


Santino Marella and Emma are on commentary throughout this match and it takes place just a few days after Emma made her Raw debut in a dance off competition against Fandango’s valet, Summer Rae. Fandango was still riding the coat tails of his Wrestlemania win against Chris Jericho and The Miz was in the midst of an unsuccessful face run. The Miz picks up the win here with his version of the Figure Four Leg Lock in an okay back and forth match. This was a good crowd warmer for the rest of the show and having Emma do a stint on the commentary table gave us a bit of insight into her character also. (2.0*)

We get a quick interview with Triple H conducted by Michael Cole where he makes an announcement that Randy Orton will be facing John Cena next week on Raw.

Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder

During the match the commentators build up the feud between Alberto and Batista which I’ll be honest was quite forgettable. Zack Ryder is in the same position here as he is three years later where he is presented as a big deal on Main Event but doesn’t do a lot on the top shows. This was a bit longer than I would have expected but again was another match that was okay without setting any worlds alight. Del Rio needed to win here to make his feud with Batista semi interesting and he did so by delivering a brutal looking kick to Ryder’s face for the pinfall. (2.0*)

They showed a Raw Rebound which consisted of a condensed version of a very good match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel

I think if I am correct that this would still be Big E’s debut year on the WWE main roster and he was the current Intercontinental Title which the commentary team put over quite well. Curtis Axel was working in a tag team with Ryback at this stage of his career and I had actually forgotten, until reminded by the commentary team of Tom Phillips and Alex Riley, that Axel is a former Intercontinental Champion. To be fair all three matches on this show have been just as good as each other really! Big E picked up the win here, after hitting his Big Ending finisher for the pin, in a match that was (again) okay without being anything special! It’s a shame that Axel doesn’t have an inch of the charisma that his dad possessed…(2.0*)

12th February 2014

WWE Network Description : WWE Main Event comes to you from a sold-out Citizens Business Bank arena in sunny Ontario, California where Intercontinental Champion Big E battles 3MB member Drew McIntyre. Also, the Wyatt Family – less than two weeks away from their epic clash with The Shield at the Elimination Chamber event – take on the high flying trio of Los Matadores and Sin Cara. Divas Natalya and Aksana square off in a heated contest and Main Event recaps an action-packed Raw with special guest star, Betty White. 

Los Matadores/Sin Cara vs The Wyatt Family

The talk on commentary prior to and during the match is the fact that at the upcoming PPV, Elimination Chamber, The Wyatt Family will be competing against The Shield in a six man elimination tag match. When this match started I thought it would be a total squash but instead I was quite surprised at the amount of offence the team of Sin Cara and Los Matadores got in. The Wyatts picked up the win inevitably by Bray delivering Sister Abigail for the pin on Sin Cara and both teams looked good in victory and defeat. So far this is slightly better than the matches from last week’s show because the fans are invested in The Wyatt Family gimmick. (2.0*)

We get the Hall of Fame induction video for Lita who was a very much deserving addition to the list of legends already in the Hall of Fame. We also get a sit down interview with Triple H (which was a regular weekly feature at this point) where he mentions the Hall of Fame ceremony being broadcast live on the WWE Network once it launches.

Aksana vs Natalya

Before this match started I kind of rolled my eyes and made a judgement that this would be the first bad match of the review but in fact it wasn’t too bad at all. I can’t really remember much of Aksana’s brief time in the WWE and it could be that Natalya carried her for most of the bout but I was pleasantly surprised. Natalya picked up the win with her Sharpshooter for the submission to keep her in the hunt for AJ Lee’s WWE Diva’s Championship. (1.50*)

The Raw Rebound this week featured special guest, Betty White, who had a bit of fun in a skit with the New Age Outlaws where she ended up spiking Billy Gunn’s drink with a laxative!

Big E Langston vs Drew McIntyre

Drew is accompanied to ringside by his 3MB stable mate Jinder Mahal. It’s the unfortunate state of the IC Title that the champion has been featured on Main Event two weeks running! This was nothing more than a glorified squash really which is a good thing for the champion to keep him looking strong but they need to give him a good storyline arc as well to keep it from becoming a forgettable reign. The finish was pretty good as Big E hit the Big Ending from a tilt-the-whirl slam for the pin. Nothing special here again – all very ‘Middle of the Road’ wrestling! (1.75*)

After the match Jinder gets on the mic and challenges Big E to a match right there and then….

Big E Langston vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder gets squashed in seconds by the dominant champion via another Big Ending. (N/A)

WWE Network Description : Just days away from their collision with the Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber, The Shield take on the team of Los Matadores and Sin Cara. Curtis Axel goes head to head with Kofi Kingston.

Los Matadores/Sin Cara vs The Shield

The Shield’s Elimination Chamber PPV opponents, The Wyatt Family, had a positive result against the team of Los Matadores and Sin Cara last week on Main Event and now we get to see how the ‘Hounds of Justice’ get on against the same competition. I thoroughly enjoyed this and similar to last week I was quite surprised at the amount of offence the Los Matadores/Sin Cara team got in as I though this would be a glorified squash match! This was a good 12 minutes or so of solid action with The Shield picking up the win after a series of finishers concluding with Seth’s Curb Stomp (now that was a good finisher!) for the pin. I preferred this match to the Wyatts match but Main Event did a good job here of building the six man tag match between the two teams over the last few weeks! (2.50*)

Aksana vs Cameron

This is the second week in a row we get an Aksana match whilst before the match begins we get a Cameron video package that highlights her crazy personality on Total Divas. This didn’t last too long and I think, given both of these ladies reputations in the ring, that was a good idea. Cameron picks up the win with a Small Package and in doing so gains a little bit of revenge on Aksana for injuring her friend, Naomi, a few weeks ago. This will hardly go down as a great retribution story but was okay for what it was. (0.25*)

Bad News Barrett does a ‘Bad News’ segment which is quite entertaining and wakes the crowd up a bit.


Curtis Axel vs Kofi Kingston


Kofi Kingston is stuck in a huge rut at this point in his career but thankfully for him there is a New Day right around the corner (like what I did there?). Curtis Axel is accompanied to ringside by Ryback who threatens to get involved several times throughout the match thus Mark Henry arrives to stand in Kofi’s corner. Kofi does eventually get the DQ win when Ryback attacks him mid match which prompts Henry to protect Kofi with the two faces standing tall in the ring to close the show. Not in the least bit exciting because neither Axel or Kingston are fighting for any reason for the fans to get remotely invested in. Paint by numbers stuff once again unfortunately! (1.25*)
26th February 2014

WWE Network Description : WWE Main Event comes to you from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses, Damien Sandow, battles high flyer Sin Cara. Also, arena rockers 3MB team with Ryback and Curis Axel against Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Los Matadores and El Torito in an explosive 10 man tag team matchup. And, after their clash at the Elimination Chamber event, Titus O’ Neil and Darren Young write the next chapter in their personal rivalry.
3MB/Curtis Axel/Ryback vs Cody Rhodes/El Torito/Goldust/Los Matadores

I think the idea here was to get the 10 most directionless talent on the roster some air time by just throwing them together and having a match. This was actually kept quite short and some of the people in the match didn’t really get any time to shine. In actual fact the only person that came out of this looking any good was El Torito who won the match for his team following a hurricanrana on Heath Slater for the pin. Move along quickly, nothing to see here. (1.50*)

We get a Raw Rebound which shows us The Wyatt Family confronting John Cena.

Aksana/Alicia Fox vs Eva Marie/Natalya

Again this match was kept pretty short but this time the reduction of time was to limit Eva Marie’s lack of in-ring ability. Aksana was able to pick up the victory here with one of the ugliest looking Spinebusters you are ever likely to witness in the history of the industry. This is quite a short recap but my mum did tell me once if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say a thing! (0.25*)

We get another Bad News Barrett segment from behind his podium which works to wake up the crowd again. I don’t know why they didn’t keep going with this gimmick – it was working!

Darren Young vs Titus O’ Neil


These two were formally the Prime Time Players but they split when Titus felt he was the one carrying the team and that he could do better on his own. Three years later and both these guys are sitting in the exact same position on the card and neither has done anything of any note since! The actual match lacks any kind of intensity which is frustrating since both men should be going all out to prove they weren’t the ‘Marty Janetty’ of the team. There wasn’t any aggression from the heel Titus and the crowd didn’t look or sound in the least bit interested in the match. Young wins with a roll-up for the pinfall. (0.25*)

Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara

Damien Sandow had not long come out of a run as the Money In The Bank holder which he lost when he unsuccessfully cashed in against John Cena. Since that match Sandow drifted lower and lower down the card which is unfortunate because I thought he was a talent. Sin Cara was quite impressive throughout the match as he has been actually throughout these series of Main Event matches! This was the best match of the episode easily as it was back and forth and could have gone either way. Like so many of the matches on the card there was very little in terms of crowd investment but both men came out of this looking okay. Sin Cara managed to pick up the win with a Senton off the top rope. (2.0*)

Overall Thoughts : These four shows were all very ‘middle of the road’ mainly containing talent that seemed directionless. Having reviewed this three years after it took place it’s interesting that eight of these performers are no longer part of the company and some of those that are, such as Darren Young, Titus O’Neil and Curtis Axel, are still directionless! Although there were a few decent matches here I wouldn’t suggest putting any of these shows on your must see list! Tom Phillips and Alex Riley do a commendable job in trying to get you interested but the lack of interaction with the crowd and distinct lack of intensity or motivation at times makes it hard to watch.

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