Liam’s Games Room: Why I hate First Person Shooters

With the rise of online First Person Shooters, Liam tells you all what he hates about them!

Now first of all I want to qualify something – I haven’t always hated them. Old school shooters like Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem, even right up to the original COD Modern Warfare, I quite enjoyed these. However, online multiplayers have grown in popularity, much to the detriment of us single player fans. Now, I’m not for one second saying there’s no place for multiplayer – on the contrary, it can add to a game’s lifespan. But, I have a problem with games like Destiny, Titanfall, even newer COD titles- it’s all about the multiplayer, and people like me who like to play through a single player campaign are left short changed. The original couple Halo titles were big because they had enough to keep both happy. An intense, in depth single player campaign, with online and split-screen multiplayer for you and your friends. But as online took over, single player dwindled, as far as games like Overwatch and Titanfall, where there’s no single player element at all. Sure they have a few tutorial missions – but these will only last a decent player 15 or 20 minutes usually. Then it’s all online from there whether you want to or not.


Now my second gripe – other players. I’m not saying all onliners are 12 year old trolls who do nothing but shoot noobs to show how big their balls are, but I’ve played a few online games of Halo and Gears of War, and that’s exactly what I’ve found. I’m no gaming god by any means, I play Mass Effect on hardcore, I’ve started the Witcher 3 on “blood and broken bones” and they’re a challenge. Playing Soul Calibur 2 with my mates used to be a blast, mainly because we knew each other’s strengths and weaknessess. But online is a different animal. I get it, you’re better than me. You don’t have to devolve 20,000 years to tell me that. What 12 year old knows those sorts of words anyway? I’m no prude, I swear like a lumberjack who cut his arm off all the time. But there’s a time a place. Guaranteed, the guys whos username is Bigc0ck69 or some shit like that is actually some 15 year old from America whos staple diet is twinkies and monster energy drinks, and is the type to call people f*ggots (I’m not spelling the whole word, it’s a terrible word that has no place in today’s society) on forums for nothing more that having a differing opinion. Its just a game, calm down dude.


Thirdly is microtransactions. If you’re not familiar with these, they are money grabbing techniques. Using real money, you can purchase additional character skins or weapons. These piss me off no end. Basically, to have any chance at surviving battle, you have to use your hard earned money to buy sheild upgrades or a more powerful assault rifle. I understand maintaining the servers, production costs and such is expensive, but when the game costs 40, 50 sometimes 60 quid, then asks you for more money for a poxy gun, it’s a bit of a piss take. At least with a season pass, its one up front cost, then usually quite a substantial amount of DLC. When done well, it’s almost an entirely new game (Witcher 3) other times it’s a complete waste of money (Arkham City) but you know that you can play the game to completion without them. With these microtransactions, if someone’s paid an extra 5 quid for the most powerful shotgun, and you’ve decided to grind it out and level up organically, you haven’t got a hope.

One more small thing. Just because you play on a PC instead of a console, doesn’t make you better than me. PC, Xbox, PS4 whatever, how you wanna game is fine. But don’t you PC master racers look down on me because I won’t shell out £3,000 or more on a PC. I don’t have that type of money. You do? Bully for you. I respect that level of commitment. I have neither the time nor the money to make a rig like that. Xbone does me just fine for my needs.

Anyway, that’s my gripe. I hate online multiplayers, probably always will.


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Gamer, film watcher, occasional socialiser, favorite brother.

Liam Morrow

Gamer, film watcher, occasional socialiser, favorite brother.

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