Liam’s Games Room: Why I hate sport-sims

Sports games are huge money nowadays, but not everyone has love for them. Liam will explain why he hates them!

Way back when, I, admittedly, used to play sporting games. Fifa, Madden, NHL, NBA, I used to play them all. But after a while, I got fed up with them. The reason was, they weren’t fun anymore. And I play video games for fun. And I’m not talking about EVERY sports game ever here. I’m talking about the franchises. I still love wrestling games (although to call it a “sport” is a bit of a stretch, let’s be honest) because they are supposed to be ridiculous, and Skate 3 is still fun today. The newest Tony Hawks was, frankly, dreadful, and that is exactly what is wrong with the sports game industry. They put a new a new game out every year, with usually the only difference being a slightly updated talent roster. Although in Tony Hawks case, they took a game from 10 years ago, and made it worse. Fifa is probably the best known in the UK, but even that’s been under fire in recent years. Each year is the same formula, the same teams, with a new gameplay addition like…..slightly better faces. Between Fifa 10 and 17, I’ve never seen too much of a difference.


The games I’ve had most fun with are the ones that don’t take themselves seriously. Rockstar Table Tennis, Smash Court Tennis, even way back to Sensible Soccer, these were the one-offs and party games that I played for 3 or 4 years without worrying about updated graphics or the newest roster. Even EA UFC was pretty good, then UFC2 spoiled it. I also prefer racers like Need for Speed over simulations like Forza. They look great, and the cars look and handle perfect, but after 100 or so laps round the same circuits in 6 different cars, I just don’t care anymore. I like Need for Speed (the latest one anyway) because there’s a story there, cars can be customised, loads of different race types. I want less than perfect variation over perfect repetition.


The undisputed king of fun sports games will always be Wii sports. There’s no updated rosters or real as it gets graphics, its little dudes with big head punching lumps out of each other, or bowling. And remember Red Card? It was 2 gens ago, and basically was a football game where leg breaker tackles were not only legal, but highly encouraged. And diving in two-footed against a dolphin is more amazing than you realise. This is what sports games should be like. They’ve made them so realistic and up-to-date that they’ve drained all the playability out of them. Take Madden for example. They’ve obviously spent alot of time making it the best it can be. Like watching it on TV. But when it comes to playing, it’s still just an American Football game like the last 5 have been. And dont get me started on Ultimate team. It’s an ok idea, but people are playing 80 or 90 quid for the gold-deluxe-super-arse-fucker edition just for a few extra packs of players that can only be used for a few games anyway. More smart-but-sneaky marketing. Anyway I could ramble on about this, but ultimately if you enjoy them, bollocks to what I think. Opinions and arseholes and all that.



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Gamer, film watcher, occasional socialiser, favorite brother.

Liam Morrow

Gamer, film watcher, occasional socialiser, favorite brother.

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