Meet the staff!

Stewart Lange
Bio: I founded FPG News because I was fed up of writing for, not to mention reading, articles on websites that were badly written, or unreadable due to banners and adverts. I love gaming, wrestling and MMA so I hope to give you guys all the content that I look for myself when reading about these subjects. We’ll always be honest and welcome all of your input. About me, well, if I’m not playing games, listening to music or watching “entertaining sports”, then I’ll be reading or writing about them.

Cara Alex Brown
Twitter: @caralligator Instagram: caraalexbrown
Bio: I originally worked with Stewart on another site. Due to dissatisfaction I left around the same time he did and had been looking for a place to write with him again since. When he pitched this site to me I thought it was a great idea and jumped in to support it. I’m currently at university studying to work in game design but when I’m free I enjoy gaming, anime, manga, running or writing fiction.

Darren Ramsay
Twitter: @karmassacre
Bio: I’ve known Lange for about 14 years at this point, had many messy nights with him. I’m from Edinburgh, but left Scotland for Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I’m a CAD/CAM 5 axis engineer and designer specialising in plastics and prototype work. I’ve been writing since I was about 12-13, short stories, poetry, prose, then in my teens it was song lyrics and op/ed pieces. I’m very opinionated and the idea is I’ll be doing a ‘geek life style’/rant type column.

Neil H. Watson
Twitter: @NeilHWatson
Bio: I’ve been a pro wrestling fan for as long as I can remember; from the days of watching the grainy video recordings of WCW when it was shown on Grampian TV late at night at the beginning of the 90s, right through the Attitude era to today. While I no longer watch RAW or Smackdown every week, I do watch all the PPVs and NXT on the Network. My main contribution to this site will be my weekly review of NXT. Aside from pro wrestling, I love both listening to and playing music alongside reading books and comic books; Nightwing is my guy! I’m also a probationer minister in the Church of Scotland, proving that clergy can be geeks too!

Ryan Morrow 
Twitter: @Ryan_Ninja Instagram: ryan1nja
Bio:I first met Stewart via Retro Collective Europe, an Instagram based game collective that he had helped set up. I began writing when I was giving advice on gaming related repairs in particular on the region modifications on a Sega megadrive and decided to do a tutorial piece. Once I was offered a chance to write here, I knew it’d be the perfect place to share those tricks and tips and “Ryan’s Repairs” was born!
I’m a pre-production engineer by day, a black belt judo player and coach as well as a vinyl collector. And, of course an avid video game collector.

Michael Reid
Twitter: @magpie1607
Bio: So.. I am going to be the ‘MMA guy’, I first got into martial arts around 10 years ago when I started boxing and taking jiu jitsu lessons. The training side of things was deeply enjoyable but when it came to actual fights it just wasn’t my calling (my face is the money maker). All joking aside, I have a great passion for the sport and when the UFC was introduced to me around 8 years ago I have been nothing but obsessed with it. I keep my knowledge up to date daily. Last year myself and Stewart had a short lived MMA podcast that I really enjoyed doing so hopefully that comes back… Stewart 🙂 (Watch this space- Stewart).
Personal life shit… I a 32 year old married man with a 4 month old son. Life is sweet! I am a trainer for the RBS fraud department and I love cycling. Try to get a few hundred miles in every month on the road.

Danielle “Nelly” Cavanagh
Twitter: @nellycoo
Bio: I’m a 24 year old Assistant Store manager from the East of England and it’s been a great passion of mine to write for many years, even starting my own small blogs to write Film and TV reviews from time to time. I’m a collector of toys and figurines. I love film and television along with all things geek really!
I was thrilled when I found out through my boyfriend that Stewart was looking for staff and was happy for me to join the team! I’ll be focusing on Wrestling and Geek life, bringing a weekly Top 10/Top 5 column to the site, obscure personal lists of mine that I hope can introduce certain books, films and characters to the readers.
I am more than grateful to Stewart for believing I can bring something to the site among so many well refined columnists and I can’t wait to work with them!

Kevin Kay
Twitter: @kevokay
Bio: I have known Lange for many years and been lucky enough to share in some of the same passions that he has. One of these passions obsessions is Pro Wrestling and I have been a fan since I was just a 6 year old kid back in 1990. As a £9.99 subscriber to the WWE Network I will be reviewing some of the classic content over the years from the Golden Age of 1980’s, Attitude Era, the Modern Universe Era and everything in-between. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for ‘Sports Entertainment’ and to letting out my inner geek! “But Kevin, what do you do when you’re not watching wrestling, listening to your mega music library or enjoying a film?” Well, I am a fantastic husband, wonderful father and an excellent employee for an English Football League club….I am sure my wife, daughter and employers would agree!

Liam Morrow
Twitter: @thegrimfish
Bio: I’m Liam, a 32 year old cashier from a lovely little town called Sandwich. I live with my wife of 5 years Sam, and our 2 cats Oscar and George.
I’m very much a gamer, ever since playing Alex Kidd on a Master System. I also follow wrestling (loving NXT) and I love movies and TV, although im fairly new to comic books (I’m starting with The Runaways).
I always wanted to write about things that excited me, then my brother Ryan told me about his column Ryans Repairs on FPG News I decided I’d be contributing more columns soon!

Paul Wishart
Twitter: @mrwishart
Bio: I’m Paul Wishart, 29 years old, self-employed business owner from the lovely town of Cellardyke.
I’ve been a wrestling fan since 1999 when I happened to catch Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart on WCW Worldwide. That became my Friday night routine until WWF started putting Heat and their PPVs for free on Channel 4. I watched the 2000 Royal Rumble and have been hooked ever since. While my interest has wavered throughout the years, I got back into WWE in a big way back in 2011 with the CM Punk pipebomb promo. I then discovered a lot of my friends still watched and it became a monthly tradition of booze, wrestling, booze and booze.
These days, I obsessively watch NXT (and now the CWC) while keeping up with RAW and Smackdown whenever I can. On FPGNews I’ll be scouring through the annuals of past RAWs, Smackdowns, Nitros, Thunders and PPVs, both of the WWF and WCW inclination, to find the hidden gems. The matches that are, by themselves, classics but don’t seem to have left that much of an impression. So be sure to check out my column, “Hidden Gems”, every Monday!

Sean Comer
Twitter: @comercodex
Bio: Well, I’m just this guy, you know?
I’m half-human, on my mother’s side. I grew up amidst quite the happy, stable household. “May the Force be with you,” my Vulcan father used to say every year as I boarded the train to Hogwarts.
Supposing raw tripe isn’t exactly a flavor that dances on your tongue, I fell into pop-culture blogging and podcasting not long after being laid off from a quite rewarding job in the Kansas City area as a general assignment reporter for a small newspaper. A close friend helped me land a gig re-blogging news and recapping episodes of “The Bachelorette” and “Dancing With The Stars” for Yidio and my own networking earned me a place as a reviewer/news blogger for GamerXChange. Along the way, a few chance Twitter interactions paved my way to some occasional podcasting alongside good friends and fellow ex-411mania contributors Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi on “Man Cave Thoughts”.
In turn, my podcasting with Jeremy and Samer led to my co-creating “Long Road To Ruin” alongside Mark Radulich, a podcast focused on multi-film blockbuster and cult franchises. Eventually, that played a part in joining 411mania as a music columnist, where I both met my good friend Stewart Lange and began an album-by-album personal retrospective column that I’ve since “remastered” here at FPGNews, “Give Life Back To Music”.
Music holds my weekly column’s spotlight and a lifelong fascination, but I’m an equally devout gamer and movie-lover and wrestling fan of over 25 years. I make my home in the arid desert splendor of Phoenix, AZ, and when I’m not waxing nerdy somewhere on the World Wide Interwebz, I’m probably indulging my love of cooking, tending to my career as a marketing copywriter, hunting, fishing, or with my massive nose buried in a book.

Ross Donald
Bio: I’m a 21 year old Customer Service Advisor for Volkswagen and I freaking love movies. I’ve loved movies ever since my uncle took me to see The Phantom Menace when I was only four years old. I fell in love with that universe and never looked back. Ever since then I’ve tried my hardest to see every movie possible and adding to my forever-growing blu ray collection. I’m also a huge wrestling fan (even have an Undertaker tattoo on my arm) , a big gaming fan, and a comic fan, especially for Batman in particular.
I’ve always been fascinated with looking a movie reviews and I’ve always wanted to get my opinion out there, so here I am thanks to Stewart.

Nick Berry
Bio: I’m Nick and obviously I love video games. I’m not hugely active on it right now but my Instagram is Nicktendo92. I’m a bit of a Pokemon geek but generally Nintendo is the company that has my heart. I’m a big music lover who plays guitar and bass as well and love analysing video game music as much as I do playing games themselves. I met Stewart through Retro Collective Europe a while back when I was collecting like mad but all that’s been scaled down a bit. Most of the time I’ll be doing Top 5 lists, be they favourites, my most hated or just nostalgia.