Nelly’s Listicles: Top 5 Rick and Morty Episodes

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Oh I was so happy when Adult Swim decided to drop the Season 3 premier on April Fools Day of all days, so of course I felt like it was not only overdue, but necessary to do this list! Rick and Morty has been a huge success and not just from it’s cult status! It’s smart, funny and incredibly messed up, it’s certainly surpassed the adult cartoons that have proceeded it. So lets get Schwifty as I list the Top 5 Rick and Morty Episodes



The Rickshank Rickdemption (Season 3 Ep 1)

Two words; Szechuan Sauce. The premier of the third season did not disappoint and was certainly worth the wait. The episode continues where the finale of season 2 left off with Rick still imprisoned by the Galactic Federation and what ensues is pure madness. In order to figure out the secrets to his portal gun, the federation infiltrate Ricks mind, and delve into his memories.

We see a young more bright eyed Rick but not before he reminds us why 1998 was such a memorable year. McDonalds released a Szechuan dipping sauce to celebrate the release of Mulan that year and it was fucking delicious, then they took it away, and that didn’t sit pretty with Rick Sanchez. This of course has sparked a huge outcry for them to bring it back, the balls in your court McDonalds!!

Summer and Morty attempt to rescue their grandpa but just end up being captured by the Council of Ricks. The episode gets even more insane as the Council is transported INTO the Galactic Federation and a battle begins, we see a hell of a lot of Ricks die, but even more Morty’s. Rick collapsed the Federation, Beth left Jerry, Bird-Person has become Phoenix Person and Rick becomes hell bent on finding that dipping sauce, even if it takes NINE SEASONS!


Meeseeks and Destroy (Season 1 Ep 5)


There is something so unbearable but also adorable about those blue humanoid helpers. That scratchy whiny voice just drills through you but you can’t help but quote the episode IN that exact voice. Rick just wants to go on Morty’s stupid adventure, but his family are bugging him for help, so he produces a Meeseeks box to help solve all their problems, well some of them.

Although the episode’s Rick and Morty storyline isn’t one of the best in the shows run, the reason this episode is one of my favourites is because of those damn Meeseeks. Jerry cannot for love nor money take 2 swings from his golf game, the Meeseek in charge of that task decided to drag others into the mess and cause each other nothing but pain, because after all….existence is pain to them.

They all try to help Jerry in order to disappear but just end up going insane and ripping one another apart, until they decide to turn their anger onto Jerry. While Rick and Morty are fighting their way back home from that should have been a fun and somewhat less rapey adventure, Jerry is saving the patreons of a resturant as the rage filled Meeseeks take it hostage, and demand Jerry take off the two strokes. But be wary of that stickler Meeseek, it’s gotta know how your short-game is.


Get Schwifty (Season 2 Ep 5)

Yet another iconic episode in the shows second season, we get to see Rick and Morty’s more musical side, and a song and most importantly a word that became synonymous within the show itself. This giant head comes into earth’s atmosphere asking simply “Show me what you got!”and of course only Rick Sanchez knows what it is and what it wants.
As expected the rest of Rick’s family and the community believe the giant heads are a new god, a deity they must follow and serve instead of god almighty. Its hilarious to see how quickly humanity jumps from one higher being to the other, especially those stupid enough to believe in it. Rick and Morty perform Get Schwifty, a nonsensical song about shitting on the floor, but it somehow pleases The Cromulon.

However it just plunges earth into a reality music battle with other planets to see which one has got the most! The losing planets get….destroyed obviously. With an appearance from Ice T, who turns out to be an otherworldly being from a realm where everyone is the letter of the alphabet….this episode is certainly one of the most memorable to date.


Total Rickall (Season 2 Ep 4)

Season 2’s 2nd entry on this list is one that introduced fans to Mr. Poopybutthole and Sleepy Gary. Except Sleepy Gary and all the other “zany” characters from that episode just turn out to be parasites that infest peoples minds with memories and take over entire planets. Gross.

Although classed as a “bottle” episode, because the family never actually leave the house, it still has that out of this world, sick and twisted Rick and Morty humour to keep it entertaining. Rick attempts to remain the straight thinking leader in the fiasco, but as the family continue to flashback, their memories are warped more and more by the most ridiculous characters, photography raptor is one of my favourites.

It gets so out of control that the family begin to think that Rick is a parasite, but faithful Morty realises that they only create fond memories. They begin to clear out the house, and it ends up with the five of them, including Mr. Poopybutthole. However Beth isn’t convinced he’s real either and shoots him, turns out he is a long time family friend and begins to bleed-out on the floor. Whoops.


Big Trouble in little Sanchez (Season 2 Ep 7)

Everybody loves Tiny Rick! He’s the coolest kid in school and writes amazing songs about being trapped and dying. With a very bizarre cold opening that leads to talk of divorce and vampires at school, the family split in this adventure, Beth and Jerry attend an intergalactic couples therapy which they ultimately destroy of course.

Rick transfers his mind into a younger clone of himself naturally, to help his grand kids hunt the schools vampire. We don’t even see them kill the blood-sucker, and in true Rick and Morty style the story spirals into an battle between Tiny Rick and Old Rick over his consciousness.

As I said before everyone loves Tiny Rick, and so do the kids for sometime. Rick calls out for help subconsciously, but Morty loves Tiny Rick too much to care, for now. The best part of the episode, besides Tiny Rick, is when Morty gets to kick his ass and evidently saves his Grandpa’s life.


Did you agree with the list this week? Which episodes do you think should have made the list! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @nellycoo!

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